Canobi brings automation to your farm, easily and affordably.

We offer a scalable, resilient system with low up-front costs, great support, and a world-class, exclusive community that guarantees your investment in automation continues to perform. Select the 'SCHEDULE A DEMO' button to learn more.

Indoor farms choose Canobi because …

Canobi is modular.

Select the modules that will improve the performance of your farm business - whether you use one, two, or twenty, the price will not change!

Canobi is simple to use.

Closely monitor the performance of your indoor farm with a quick glance at your mobile phone. If changes are detected, Canobi Alerts will help you troubleshoot problems and return to normal, quickly.


Canobi is guaranteed.

All our sensors and components have a lifetime guarantee. We send you replacements when you need them. As well, Canobi Grow System customers receive a 3D printer to manufacture new parts as they get updated, lost, or broken.

What our customers are saying

It gets better ...

Canobi is a completely integrated solution.

Don’t ever worry whether your software and hardware will operate together, properly and efficiently. All of our modules, including monitoring, automation, accounting, HR, payroll, reporting, purchasing, sales, harvest management and much more, are completely integrated.

Canobi is affordable for small and mid-size farms.

We focus on small to mid-sized farms and small to mid-size farm budgets. Let us show you how affordable a scalable, resilient system, with great support and a world-class guarantee, really is.

Canobi helps overcome challenges and obstacles.

You can depend on us to help you identify problems and choose solutions that improve your indoor farm’s efficiency and crop consistency.

Schedule a one-on-one demo to discover how our monitoring and automation solutions can improve the performance of your indoor farm.