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Official Name: Netherlands
Demonym: Dutch
Territorial Extension: 41,528 square kilometers
Location: Western Europe
Capital: Amsterdam
Climate: temperate
Administrative Division: 12 provinces.
Language: Dutch

Indoor farms have also become a growing reality in the Netherlands. Like other developed countries, the Netherlands faces challenges in sustainable food production, especially due to its population density and limited agricultural land.

Investing in innovative and sustainable agricultural technologies is a priority for the Netherlands, aiming to ensure food security and contribute to global food production.

The Netherlands is a leading country in developing and implementing advanced agricultural technologies, including indoor farms. Its expertise in horticulture and agriculture has made it a pioneer in vertical farming.

Given the Netherlands' commitment and experience in advanced agriculture, it's no surprise that indoor farms have found a place in the country, contributing to a more efficient and ecological approach to food production.

Vertical agriculture in the Netherlands allows for the cultivation of special and high-value products, such as herbs, edible flowers, microgreens, and exotic vegetables. These products are popular in gourmet restaurants and speciality markets.

Controlling the indoor environment makes these farms less susceptible to extreme weather conditions like frosts, droughts, or storms, protecting crops and ensuring consistent production throughout the year.

These are just a few of the many interesting aspects of indoor farms in the Netherlands. Vertical agriculture has the potential to revolutionize food production and play a crucial role in global food security, and the Netherlands is leading the way in this journey, sharing its innovations and knowledge with the world.