Canobi AgTech Welcomes Jason Carrier of Local Food Champions

Posted on 1 September 2022

Canobi AgTech is very pleased to welcome Jason Carrier of Local Food Champions to the Canobi team as Director of Promotions. Jason’s background in sustainable food systems will be a big asset to Canobi’s mission to help mitigate the impacts of climate change, enhance local food security, and promote commercial agriculture sustainability.

With formal culinary training, Jason worked internationally as a chef before turning his attention to the other end of the food supply chain. “In the average restaurant, shrinkage (which is a word for one type of food waste) is about 20 to 35% in any given week. That’s the percentage of food that a restaurant buys, but then throws away before we even start cooking.” Jason started to investigate solutions to providing fresh, local, high-quality, sustainable ingredients year-round, which led him to indoor farming. After working with Modular Farms Co., he struck out on his own and founded Local Food Champions.

“Local Food Champions was a great project. I learned so much and worked with so many fantastic people across North America.” Jason is extremely proud of his work with the Georgia Grown Innovations Center, and with food security initiatives in Canada’s North. Local Food Champions became a Canobi AgTech customer while building container farms and helping with vertical farming installations, and was impressed with Canobi’s technical capabilities and it’s dedication to be part of the food security solution. Jason wanted to work more closely with Canobi and move forward with larger initiatives that Local Food Champions didn’t have the resources to do by itself, including opportunities to expand internationally.

While Jason is putting Local Food Champions on the back burner for now to focus on his work as Director of Promotions at Canobi, he hopes that the Community of Champions that was created by Local Food Champions will continue to grow stronger through his work with a fast-growing, internationally focused AgTech company. “Joining Canobi AgTech is a great step in my career and lets me continue to be directly involved in the evolution of sustainable agriculture!”

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