About us

Who We Are

    We at Canobi are a passionate group of out-of-the-box thinkers who are deeply invested in solving today's farming challenges with technology. Since joining the industry in 2014, we have developed a SaaS-based AGRP platform for CEA, greenhouse, and outdoor farms.

    Canobi’s systems provide real-time monitoring, alerts, visualizations, automation, and optimization for farms and businesses. By reducing human intervention, we can optimize use of resources. With our monitoring and automation, we help you increase crop-over-crop consistency and efficiency.

What gets us out of bed in the Morning

We believe we are at point in history where everyone on the planet can have access to whole foods, picked when ripe, and grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides. Growing food locally is the key to this. This means moving a portion, maybe a large portion, of the food we eat to millions of mid-sized farms that create jobs, build communities, educate and encourage new farmers, and strengthen economic ties.

Whole foods of high quality provide medicine, promote health, build self-reliance, self-esteem and self-confidence, and reduce vulnerabilities in our food web and supply chain.

Every one of us on this earth deserves to have good food to eat. 

Doing what we can to help, now that’s something worth getting out of bed for!

Our Team

Robin Vincent, 
CEO & Innovation Lead

Founder and chief visionary, Robin is the driving force behind the company. Robin is the lead platform architect and participates in software development, marketing, and customer experience strategies.

Catherine Borelly, CPA, 
COO & Finance and HR Lead

Catherine loves taking on challenges. With her multi-year experience in leadership roles in both finance and administration, Catherine has helped the company to get where it is today. Catherine is among the best minds.

Amy Li, 
Principal Software Engineer

Amy is one of the iconic people in life who can say they love what they do. Amy brings a proven track record in enterprise software development with impeccable attention to detail and follow through.

Ashton Mundt, 
Logistics Operations Lead

Ashton, is determined to drive success and delivers his professional acumen to bring the company to the next level.

Janice Wright, 
Corporate Communications Lead

Janice is the voice of Canobi. She is responsible for our social media platforms and all written content. Janice comes from a long career in corporate communications and technical writing.

Jason Carrier, 
Promotions Lead

Jason, is the point of spear when it comes to introducing Canobi in person. Jason comes from a long career in promotions and sales-related activities.

John Southcombe, 
Systems Administration Lead  

John has extensive experience and a long career in systems engineering and administration. John's can-do attitude and approach keeps Canobi a well-oiled machine.

Carol Pereira, 
Online Course-ware Lead

Carol has a long history in education. Her open-minded approach has Carol working with the product, in our research lab structure, and on the technical side of our marketing campaigns. She is also lead developer for the Canobi Academy and Canobi's e-Learning certification program.

Kristoffer Howes
Digital Marketing Lead

Kristoffer creates and communicates Canobi’s marketing messages across the company’s digital platforms and social networks.